Must-have features and characteristics of a top mobile app

There are thousands of mobile apps available in the market. How many of them have become outstanding? We bet the list of such apps won’t be too long. And it is tightly connected with an app features list.

According to Statista, there were 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2019. And this number is expected to grow up to 3.5 billion in 2020. It proves that we all use our smartphones actively every day, and particularly it concerns mobile apps.

The right number of features is what makes a good app. So if you plan to build an app and make it popular, it should include some must-have features and characteristics to capture users’ attention. Our article is going to reveal these secrets to you.

Functional features to have

What features should an app have? It is a good and wise question. It means you are concerned about the app’s popularity. Therefore, we will list the main features that your app must contain by default.

Push Notifications

Users must be notified timely about all changes in the app, new offers, discounts, updates, etc. It is a type of communication with a customer by providing essential information. It allows them to use your app efficiently.


We think this feature needs no introduction. Of course, not every app requires this feature. But in most cases, messages play an important role in direct communication between customers and/or customers and support. So your app functionality should have a chat feature.

Search Bar

Unfortunately, some apps miss this feature and it is a big mistake. If you want to create a mobile game, then, yes — search is not the feature you may need. But in social media, eCommerce, and other business apps you need a search bar to let users find everything quickly.

Feedback/ Review

This is one of the following mobile app features. You need to make it possible for users to leave their opinion about your app, notify about bugs or leave complaints. It will help you improve your mobile app and increase customer loyalty. If you make up-to-date changes, customers will appreciate it.

Social Sign-In / Integration

Social sign-in simplifies authorization and registration, so you can add this feature and users will authorize using Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn account. Besides, social integration allows users to share various information on social media. It leads to a growing number of app users.


This is one more feature that impacts customer loyalty increase. Gamification adds game-design elements in apps not related to gaming. Users may solve specific problems, achieve certain goals with a set of processes that include game elements. It improves user engagement and customer experience.


Let users customize your app to make the customer experience as comfortable as possible. Customers should have an opportunity to change modes (like night or day mode), colors, fonts, settings, etc. When users may adapt an app to their preferences, they will keep on using your app.


When GPS is turned on, an app shows users their precise location and all important information on the map. It also allows planning efficient routes, finding nearby stores (if you create an eCommerce app), and organizing various events for specific regions, for example.

Payment Gateway

If your app implies sale or purchase operations, you need to integrate payment gateway into it. You should choose a service provider like Braintree, PayPal, or Stripe. Although Braintree belongs to PayPal, their pricing models are different, mind it. Ensure to use the services of a trustworthy provider, and your app will benefit from it.


An app feature list should include this feature that is more critical for you than for your customers. Analytics feature helps you track user behavior, their activity, session length and intervals, etc. You will be able to improve user experience constantly, provide customers with expected services.

QR Code Scanner

A QR code scanner is included in the list of cool app features. Hidden information in the QR code redirects users to specific websites or just becomes available for users to read it. The QR code advantage lies in its capability to store a great deal of information. With this feature, your app becomes enhanced.


Don’t forget to protect your app and encrypt all personal and confidential data. Pay rapt attention to regulations compliance like GDPR, depending on the region you create an app for. To perform this, you need to discuss the issue with a software development company. Skilled developers will do it according to your requirements.

UX Research

Characteristics of a great mobile app

Understand user needs

To make people download and use your app, you should provide them with a problem solution. Thus, your app shouldn’t be multipurpose since it cannot solve all problems and eventually it will lead to failure. Therefore, your app should focus on some problems and be a good method to solve them.

Build a captivating UI/UX

We don’t want to repeat that first impression is important, but it is an established truth. Nobody needs poorly designed apps. Your user interface should be simple and good-looking as well. Properly chosen fonts and colors mean a lot.

App speed and performance

Imagine that you open an app and it shuts down. You try again — it shuts down again. Are there any chances you will make one more attempt? Probably, you will just delete an app and forget about it. So, do your users if your app is unstable and subject to crashes.

Ensure reliable customer support

If you chat with support managers and they cannot answer your questions, you won’t keep on using the app, we think. Remember that not all users interact with an app easily. Some of them need help. So, your customer support should always be ready to help users, answer all their questions, and explain everything in detail.

Compatibility with mobile platforms

We mean that it is desirable to create a native app that will be compatible with a mobile platform it is built for. That is, Android or iOS native apps will function efficiently and meet all the particularities of each operating system.

Make regular updates

Apart from bug fixing, mind to add new features, enhance UI, provide users with new promo offers, and so on. You will gain more trust if you show that the opinion of customers is more than important for you. And also, remember that operating systems are also updated constantly, and your app must be coherent with all these changes.


Who owns the information, own the world. We are sure that this article will help you create a cool and impressive app. You know what features must be included in your app, and what characteristics your app should possess. Our team is always ready to build a top-notch app with a striking UI and thought-out UX. A good mobile app is what you need for your success!